Zvonr Technologies

About Us

Zvonr Technologies builds software solutions for connecting and empowering communities. We build solutions to demystify complexities by uncovering the obscurity in business processes. Our company prides itself in culminating customer satisfaction globally.

Our Values

We set our threshold higher than others so that we do not overlook what others do.

Our Goals

We believe to thrive altogether. Our leadership would win only if our team members and customers succeed.

Our Approach

Be kind, especially when it’s hard. Be smart and think out of the box. Work harder and culminate.


Research &

We understand that businesses face a hard time scaling their existing software applications when they need more features in their applications or when their number of customers increases. Our leadership with its extensive research and development experience always strives to design applications that can be scaled conveniently and quickly. We ponder in advance on what you will need.



We understand the importance of the privacy and security of our customers. All applications, whether a desktop application, or mobile application, or web applications that we build are up to the mark of application security requirements. Our applications are compliant with PCI DSS and GDPR.

Our Products

Zvonr marketplace is our flagship eCommerce platform that allows wider visibility to locally sourced goods and services. It allows vendors the freedom to sell their unique products and services without the conventional limitations of retail business. Through our user-friendly application, it is easier than ever for everyday people to become entrepreneurs and start their own profitable businesses from the convenience of their homes. Besides, consumers enjoy their handpicked selection of locally made goods and personalized services.

Work From Home

Zvonr marketplace empowers you to make use of your in-house resources. Make your goods at your home, create your shop at Zvonr marketplace and sell. All from the convenience of your home. Besides, you can sell your services too.

Tools You Need

Zvonr marketplace offers real-time options for sellers to create and customize their shops such as cash payments, pick up goods by buyers or deliver to them, direct chat between seller and buyer, and many more. Dare to explore.

Search You Want

Zvonr marketplace has a rich search feature for buyers to look for their desired goods or services available at Zvonr marketplace. Available goods and services are rationally categorized that make the search more convenient.



We specialize in the digital transformation of your business. eCommerce is one of our main expertise.


We provide consultancy on how to transform your traditional business into online existence.

Customized Application

We can build an end-to-end customized application from the scratch.

Download now

Download Zvonr marketplace on your phone. Business at your finger tips.