Explore a New Way to buy and sell homemade food

No More Unhealthy Takeaways, Try Some Delicious Homemade Food!

Zvonr is a whole new platform that helps people to get fresh, authentic and delectable Homemade food made by "hobbyist cooks" or "professional chefs.” Discover local home-cooked food in your community, browse their specific menu offerings and let them prepare authentic food for you! Try a new way to eat by downloading this homemade food App.

Whether it is breakfast, lunch or dinner, it is not always easy to cook your food on your own at home due to the hustle and bustle of everyday life. We Understand! Our mission is to connect those "hobbyist cooks" or "professional chefs" with the hungry customer through a simple platform. We ensure the high standards of hygiene and the best-quality ingredients during the food preparation.

Passionate at Cooking?

If you love cooking and know how to make people happy with your mouth-watering food, then Zvonr is the perfect platform for you to showcase your underutilized talents or skills. With Zvonr, you can share your fantastic delicacies with the people living in your area. 

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