Everyone loves home made. Home made is from the heart.


How It Works

Everyone loves homemade. Homemade is from the heart. Homemade food, crafts, furniture... Anything you can dream of can be made by one home and then bought or sold by another home. Keep the spirit of homemade alive by joining our buy and sell community. We've created a place for these like-minded entrepreneurs online using one safe, simple platform, and we provide a readily available support team for buyers and sellers.

What Can You Buy Or Sell?

Our main focus is homemade cuisine, however, we don't just love homemade food and baked goods, Zvonr wants to support all at home earners to promote and sell their homemade products. We strongly believe in the value of growing our surrounding economy through promoting self earners anyway we can. Examples of things you could sell are homegrown veggies, flower arrangements, cakes by "your design", maybe you enjoy making candy apples? or lasagna? perhaps Woodworking? knitting? or refurbishing is up your ally? Whatever your talents, whatever you're seeking, Buying or selling on Zvonr is a great way to connect homes in your area offering homemade products, with other homes looking to buy homemade products, as well as help to support the economic growth in YOUR community. Invite your family and friends to join.

Where can you buy or sell?

We are currently operating in Canada, USA, UK, Australia, New Zealand, France, Italy, Germany and Spain.  We will be expanding worldwide through upcoming updates to our platform. Create an account today to see what's happening in your neighborhood.

Join Our Community Today to try Great products, Support your community and earn extra income from home!


Zvonr is available whenever you are! Open the app, set your status to online and begin selling right away. It's that simple!

Once you create an account, you are able to customize the products or services you have for sale. When customers place an order you will be able to see the distance and any special instructions provided. At which point you can accept or decline the order. Upon order approval, you can provide an estimated time, and the buyer will confirm payment.

Once you have confirmed the delivery or pick up location, it is entirely up to you to fulfill the order to satisfactory and you are solely responsible for delivering or preparing the order on time. You are responsible for quality and packaging. You are always in control of your privacy, where the customer is to pick up or where you are willing to drop off the order is totally up to you, never feel obligated to share private information unless you are comfortable in doing so.

The quality of your products, food or services, as well as delivery and customer service, will all reflect in your rating. Each buyer will have a rating. Each sale will be rated by the seller. Maintaining a high rating as a seller will show future buyers that you are serious and will in return help you to grow your sales.

Each sale you make will be paid directly to Zvonr. Once we ensure successful completion of the order and verify the quality of your order is of Zvonr expectation, we will then take our very small, very competitive fee, and add your earnings to your weekly payout. Zvonr's portion of the funds go towards updating our online entrepreneurial platform, maintaining a Zvonr support team who are readily available to our buyers and sellers for your convenience and continuing to grow our client base so that our buyers can keep selling their products

Everyone loves home made. Home made is from the heart.



Zvonr is available whenever you are! Open the app, set your status to online and see what's available in your area today!


You Can Either Set A Gps Location To Find Your Current Location Or Search Using Your Address, Then Adjust Your Distance Perimeter, Keeping In Mind Pick Up/Drop Off Time, And Immediately Start Browsing Seller Products Available Near You.


When You Find An Item You Want To Buy, Place Your Order With Seller, Select Pick Up Or Delivery, Arrange Location For Pickup Or Delivery, Specifically Any Special Instructions, Comments Or Concerns And Wait For A Response From The Seller.


The Seller Will Verify Your Order, And If They Agree To The Specifications And Are Able To Fulfil Your Order They Will Then Accept The Order And You Can Expect It Within The Discussed Time At The Discussed Location.


Once Your Order Has Been Confirmed, And You Are Satisfied With The Arrangement Made, It's Time To Complete The Payment. Once The Payment Is Complete This Means That Your Order Has Been Placed And It's Time To Patiently Relax, While You Let Someone Else Do The Baking, Cooking, Painting, Crafting, Building Or Preparing For Whatever Homemade Product Your Heart Desires. The Best Part? There's Nothing Left For You To Do But Show Up On Time For Your Pick Up Or Delivery.

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